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ORO Development Corp.

Thomas Bruner Testimonial

(Cont'd from Slideshow)

"...Thanks to ORO Development Corporation, my farm labor employment has been recognized.

    I have completed the course in Welding while attending ICTC (Indian Capital Technology Center) in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. While enrolled in school, I entered a welding contest and did well. I received a letter from Representative Boren, of the Oklahoma House of
Representatives, saying, “I’ve been reading about you in the news…” and “Congratulations on your success. Keep up the good work!”

    I received a letter from Governor Brad Henry, of the State of Oklahoma, congratulating me on the achievement of completing a Career Readiness Certificate where I obtained a Bronze Certificate due to the successful completion of Work Keys Assessments in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information.

    I am ready to put my skills to use and earn some good money, so I can pay my bills and spend time with my family! Thank you ORO!"

-Thomas Bruner