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Jason Combs Testimonial

(Cont'd from Slideshow)

'...Mr. Combs checked the job market and decided that being a truck driver was his route to success. When he figured the costs, he found there was no way he could afford to attend class, pay his bills and still make ends meet. He put off the idea for several years. Mr. Combs pondered how to pay for school. There were no funds to cover this type of training. Finally, he heard about ORO. He knew this was his path to success.

    Mr. Combs called ORO and got an appointment with an ORO Case Manager. Sure enough, he qualified by a landslide. ORO paid his tuition to attend American Truck Driving School in Lawton, Oklahoma. He received a stipend, which he used to purchase his combination and hazmat endorsements. ORO also paid one month’s rent, which took some pressure off his shoulders. With ORO’s help, Mr. Combs went on to complete his CDL training.

    Mr. Combs started work as a truck driver; making $32,000 per year. He lives outside of Lawton; is married and has a new baby. When interviewed, he simply stated, "Thank you ORO, I couldn't have done it without you". '