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Deven Melot Testimonial

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     '...Central Tech referred Mr. Melot to ORO because he had worked as a seasonal farm worker at Grasshopper Hill Farms. Celso Marcelo, ORO’s case manager, found that Mr. Melot was eligible and he was enrolled on September 15th, 2010.
    Upon his graduation on October 15, 2010, Mr. Melot stated, “I was working more than 50 hours weekly, when I realized that I am young enough to find a better job or another career, and decided to knock on doors and learn something better for my life.”
    Mr. Melot has purchased two 350 pick-up trucks to haul live stock and has been very successful with his business. He has gone from making $12.00 per hour to $25.00 per hour. Mr. Melot states, “I am very pleased and thankful to ORO for giving me the chance to realize my dream and to become a businessman.” '