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Anthony Ward Testimonials

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'...When he was working, he earned about $1,300 a month. He and his wife had five children at the time.  His wife, Carmalita, had been attending Northeast A&M College, so they were living on one income. 
Mr. Ward was referred to Arrow Head Yacht Club in Ketchum, Oklahoma, and he was hired with the company.  He was making $1,120 a month.  He continued working with this employer for 5 months. Mr. Ward was later referred by ORO to the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma as a construction worker for the tribe.
During this time, the family suffered much stress and anxiety. Their youngest child fell into a swimming pool, causing some brain damage.  The child survived, but had to have extensive physical therapy.  To this day he continues to overcome some physical and speech disabilities.
Mr. Ward now has his own business, Wards Truck Company. He earns about $44,000 a year. His wife, Carmalita, who was also a participant with the program, is currently working for the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma for the Tribes Child Protective Services Department. '