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Anita Anderson Clinesmith Testimonial

(Cont'd from Slideshow)

      '...Mrs. Clinesmith was only making $6.00 per hour doing farm work. One day, Gene Burden, owner of a trucking company, told her that if she would get her CDL, he would hire her. That’s when she decided to find a truck driving school to provide her the training. She called the Kiowa Caddo Technology Center in Ft. Cobb, Oklahoma and that is where she heard about the ORO program. On October 15, 2010, Mrs. Clinesmith called the Clinton ORO office and inquired about the services provided. She stated “farm work is all I can do”.

    She started truck driving training on September 25, 2010. While attending school she was driving to Ft. Cobb and had a bad accident, was rushed to the hospital, had to have surgery and would be out of school until she got better.  ORO’s case manager, Olivia Tovar, stayed in touch with her and the school while she was out. Mrs. Clinesmith told the case manager, “I am getting better and I am finishing my training so I can take care of my children”.

    Mrs. Clinesmith went back to school and completed her truck driving training course on January 18, 2011. She then started working for Gene Burden Trucking Company. Mrs. Clinesmith stated, “I am very happy someone told me about the ORO program. I went from making $6.00 per hour doing farm work to now making $25.00 dollars per hour driving a big truck, thanks to ORO”.'