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Adam Wood Testimonial

(Cont'd from Slideshow)

  '...Mr. Wood didn’t mind hard work, as he was used to building fences in 100 degree temperatures. Since Round-Up Ready Cotton, Mr. Wood said there wasn’t much cotton chopping to do. So to keep working, he would pick up and haul stumps, drive tractors, and run irrigation. Mr. Wood worked long hard hours and made minimum pay. His hourly rates ranged from $5.00 to $7.00 an hour, depending on the farmer and the type of job he was doing.  This amount still averaged less than $5,000 for a whole year. When the work was out, Mr. Wood would get back on food stamps and make payout payments for his rent; usually getting evicted before finding another place to work.
    Mr. Wood was ready to overcome the barrier of not having the training to better his life. He attended CDL training in Lawton, Oklahoma, and learned his skill very quickly. Mr. Wood was very pleased when he learned that there were additional supportive services to help him while he attended his CDL training. With ORO paying just one month’s rent, Mr. Wood was able to study without worrying about being evicted again. Mr. Wood completed his CDL training and got his new license. He used his ORO stipend to pay for additional driving endorsements. Mr. Wood quickly became employed. After his first month follow-up, Mr. Wood stated, “I cannot thank you enough. I can pay my rent, buy food, and know at the end of the day I will still have a job.”
More than two years later, Mr. Wood is still employed as a Commercial Truck Driver. He makes $16.00 an hour; averaging more than $35,000 per year. Mr. Wood is now married and has a beautiful daughter. He is just one of many successful clients that have come through ORO’s doors. Mr. Wood is one of many that have left the farm labor market to pursue a better life.'