ORO Development Corp.
ORO Development Corp.


What services are provided?

Supportive Services are available to eligible HEP students such as:

  • Exams fees
  • Instructional text books and materials
  • Health services cost, i.e., eye exams and eye glasses, etc as needed
  • Monthly $25.00 stipend
  • Fuel assistance to testing centers




ORO’S Case Managers will do outreach and recruit students and provide a flexible GED instructional schedule, offering financial supportive services and placement into the workforce, military or higher education.



Intensive Services:

The process starts with a comprehensive and specialized consultation with the client.  The case manager and clients will develop and Individual Education Plan (IEP). The case manager will then provide the client with csae management and employment counseling. 



Does ORO charge a fee for services?

No. There are no fees for eligible clients



Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA)

ORO will provide students with information on ADA.