ORO Development Corp.
ORO Development Corp.


What is ORO?


ORO is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the State of Oklahoma on June 2nd, 1971. ORO is currently involved in Farmworker Jobs Program Development and Affordable Housing Development.


What does O.R.O. stand for?

Oklahoma Rural Opportunities was the original name of the organization in 1971. It was changed in 1976 when ORO started doing storefront business in Kansas. Since we were well known by the acronym, we decided to change the name to ORO Development Corporation. Regarding its mission, ORO stands for doing good better.


How can I volunteer?

ORO has a need for volunteers in all programs including: program development, program administration, and the implementation of the Farmworker Jobs and the Affordable Housing Programs. Volunteer slots are also available in governing boards of the respective programs. To volunteer, call the main office.





Who is a farmworker?

A migrant or a seasonal agricultural worker. Migrant and Seasonal Farm-Workers (MSFWs) are persons who work on the farm as ranch hands or repairing fences and/or involved in different aspects of crop production including sowing, weeding, harvesting, and transporting crops to packing houses. If the packing house is on the farm, the actual work in the packing house qualifies the person as a Farmworker. Farm work is done by persons who are legally authorized to work in the US and by persons who are not legally authorized to work in the US.


Does NFJP help only Hispanic farmworkers?


No. ORO helps all eligible farmworkers regardless of race, ethnic background, or national origin.





What is affordable housing?

Home ownership or rental housing whose rent or house payment rate does not exceed 33% of the participant's monthly gross household income.


What standards must a dwelling meet to be eligible for designation as Affordable Housing?


The home must be safe, sanitary, and affordable.


Who qualifies?


ORO housing programs for low-income families are based on the federal poverty guidelines. A family's income determines if they are qualified for assistance from ORO.